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Free Essays on Teen Stress

Adolescents and Stress: How would they Deal? Beth has had practice for a play four evenings per week for the most recent month. She likewise has three ventures due by Friday, including an English paper. Other than this, Beth has been warding off a cold and has kept on working at her low maintenance occupation of twenty hours per week. One night at home Beth’s mother requested that her do the supper dishes, it was the final irritation that will be tolerated. â€Å"Why do I generally need to do the dishes?† Beth yells. â€Å"It’s not reasonable, I am burnt out on doing everything!† Before her mom can reply, Beth turns and steps upstairs to her room. The mother just doesn’t comprehend why Beth could be so vexed. Beth’s blowup is a response to push. Numerous adolescents around the globe know how Beth feels. Youngsters manage pressure ordinary. Stress is the physical and mental weight you feel from specific conditions (Kowalski 2). Stress likewise influences your whole body. When there is an unpleasant occasion your body naturally makes the adrenal organs discharge adrenaline. The cerebrum of the body additionally flags the pituitary organ to discharge another hormone called ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone). With all the hormones discharging without a moment's delay it causes the pulse and circulatory strain to ascend in the body. Which makes the blood push away from the stomach related framework toward the mind and muscles, and leaves the stomach feeling upset (Kowalski 7). One of the numerous means in managing pressure is to initially recognize the issue and the causes. Everybody encounters some pressure however young people have the most (Johnson 14). As per Donald Freedheim from Case Western Reserve University, that the adolescent years present difficulties and that youngsters experience numerous natural changes (Kowalski 7). Numerous different reasons for young pressure originates from school work, evaluations, school, and occupations. Numerous adolescents are managing personality and autonomy issues simultaneously. These encounters include until at long last the youngster blows u... Free Essays on Teen Stress Free Essays on Teen Stress Youngsters and Stress: How would they Deal? Beth has had practice for a play four evenings every week for the most recent month. She likewise has three undertakings due by Friday, including an English paper. Other than this, Beth has been fending off a cold and has kept on working at her low maintenance employment of twenty hours per week. One night at home Beth’s mother requested that her do the supper dishes, it was the final irritation that will be tolerated. â€Å"Why do I generally need to do the dishes?† Beth yells. â€Å"It’s not reasonable, I am burnt out on doing everything!† Before her mom can reply, Beth turns and steps upstairs to her room. The mother just doesn’t comprehend why Beth could be so disturbed. Beth’s blowup is a response to push. Numerous youngsters around the globe know how Beth feels. Young people manage pressure regular. Stress is the physical and mental weight you feel from specific conditions (Kowalski 2). Stress additionally influences your whole body. When there is an unpleasant occasion your body naturally makes the adrenal organs discharge adrenaline. The mind of the body additionally flags the pituitary organ to discharge another hormone called ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone). With all the hormones discharging without a moment's delay it causes the pulse and circulatory strain to ascend in the body. Which makes the blood push away from the stomach related framework toward the mind and muscles, and leaves the stomach feeling upset (Kowalski 7). One of the numerous means in managing pressure is to initially distinguish the issue and the causes. Everybody encounters some pressure yet young people have the most (Johnson 14). As indicated by Donald Freedheim from Case Western Reserve University, that the high school years present difficulties and that adolescents experience numerous natural changes (Kowalski 7). Numerous different reasons for young pressure originates from school work, evaluations, school, and employments. Numerous teenagers are managing character and autonomy issues simultaneously. These encounters include until at long last the adolescent blows u...

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Pros and Cons of Affirmative Action Essay

Governmental policy regarding minorities in society is a strategy wherein the recently hindered because of segregation get priority.â It came to presence as a cure toward separation and afterward turned into an issue without anyone else as indicated by certain scholars, who are adversaries to it. Supporters accept governmental policy regarding minorities in society ought to be received to give equivalent business opportunity, however realities show that it does not.â Affirmative activity is a dubious issue, which has been bantered for more than thirty years.â â Unlike separation, there are not all that numerous laws against governmental policy regarding minorities in society, yet adversaries are in fact taking a shot at restricting it any place it is workable for them to do as such. Chapter by chapter guide Brief Overview of Affirmative Action Root of Affirmative Action Perspectives on Affirmative Action Individuals who profit by Affirmative Action Business and Affirmative Action Governmental policy regarding minorities in society and Equal Employment Opportunity Lawful Issues of Affirmative Action Instructions to Stop Affirmative Action from Being Taken Upsides and downsides of Affirmative Action Brief Overview of Affirmative Action  â â â Affirmative Action is typically characterized as a functioning exertion to improve work or instructive open doors for individuals from minority gatherings and ladies or one to advance the rights or progress of other distraught individuals. (Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged. Merriam-Webster, 2002)  â â â practically speaking, governmental policy regarding minorities in society is taken by giving ladies and individuals from a minority bunch priority.â For example, an organization has an opening for a bookkeeper.â On figuring out who ought to be recruited, the organization gives ladies and individuals from a minority bunch priority.â This could likewise occur with advancement: just ladies and individuals from aâ minority bunch are probably going to be advanced, and with instruction: ladies and individuals from a minority bunch have better odds of getting awards and grants that would empower them to go to school.  â â â Another method of showing how governmental policy regarding minorities in society is taken would be with a study hall wherein a few understudies get a lot of out of line punishments.â One day it is brought to the teacher’s consideration that she will be excused except if uncalled for rehearses are stopped.â In an endeavor to address the past unsatisfactory conduct, the educator begins treating those understudies with a preference.â in the first place this will be unquestionably proper, as those understudies should feel that they are not abuseed any longer. Root of Affirmative Action  â â â Affirmative activity is accepted to have come to fruition as a solution for the awfulâ discrimination that unfortunately used to take place.â As a matter of  fact, as indicated by T.H. Anderson, (2004) in 1940 separation was custom and in certain states it wasâ even law.â Sad however it may now solid to us, the most taught andâ refined African-American didn't have the rights the most illiterateâ and revolting white individual did (p. 2). In this way, when discriminationâ became unlawful in the United States, governmental policy regarding minorities in society began toâ take place.  â â â By the mid-1970’s minorities and ladies were winning huge triumphs, which could be seen on development sites,â exemplified by the Metro in Washington D.C. Mayor Walter E. Washington made an emotional stride, commanding a solid positive actionâ program in which every single privately owned business working together or having contracts with city lobby would need to submit plans with objectives toâ advanced minorities and ladies. (J.H. Anderson, 2004, p. 142)  â â â A legitimate governmental policy regarding minorities in society plan is one methods for attempting to fix theâ effects of past unlawful discrimination.â Under such an arrangement, anâ employer settles on work choices dependent on race or sex factor thatâ ordinarily can’t be thought of, so as to reestablish equivalent opportunityâ employment for bunches that have confronted segregation. At the point when a court finds that a business has segregated and there are noâ other successful intends to cure the separation, the court mayâ require the business to take certifiable action.â For instance, a courtâ may request an organization to recruit one African-American worker for each two white ones employed until the company’s workforce takes after theâ racial blend of the network.  (F.S. Steinhold, 2007, p. 156)  â â â A business may likewise need to set up a governmental policy regarding minorities in society plan as partâ of intentional settling a legal dispute or the procedure of E.E.O.C. (Equivalent Employment Opportunity Commission).â Any voluntaryâ program must meet the E.E.O.C.’s Guidelines on Affirmative Action Plans. (F.S. Steinhold, 2007, p. 156) Perspectives on Affirmative Action  â â â Because it gives the idea that initially substantial plans of governmental policy regarding minorities in society became in a way adulterated or manhandled, there have been a few rivals to it.â Affirmative activity is a subject that has been discussed and examined by rationalists, lawful researchers, social researchers, legislators, columnists, publication scholars, and normal residents for three decades.  â â â Basically, the discussion has different sides: the Right and the Left.â The Right, which is absolutely against it, expresses that Affirmative activity just purposes individuals to get what they want not on the grounds that they merit it, but since they have a place with a gathering that was separated in the past.â According to this site, governmental policy regarding minorities in society is unmeritocratic, prompts turn around segregation, and is an un-American assurance of equivalent outcomes rather than equivalent opportunity.â The Left, which bolsters it, expresses that governmental policy regarding minorities in society is a pay for past treacheries and an assurance of a decent amount of the financial pie. (J.D. Skrentny, 1996, p. 1 and 2)  â â â To accommodate the two perspectives, it could maybe be said that a governmental policy regarding minorities in society plan may be appropriate in the start of a non-prejudicial timeframe; ladies and individuals from minority gatherings should feel that they are not segregated anymore.â On the other hand, there is no purpose behind this timeframe to last forever.â For example, in the United States separation became unlawful a quite a while back, so recently separated individuals ought not be given any sort of need due to what it used to occur in the inaccessible past.  â â â When it got crucial to make the positive move in the tempestuous time of 1964 to 1971, a cautious thought of the social and verifiable conditions turned out to be completely important in its discussion and a clarification for why it happened was required as well.â (Clayton and Crosby, 1992, p. 2) Nowadays, over thirty years after that period, governmental policy regarding minorities in society would essentially be against rationale and no clarification might be given thus.  â â Affirmative Action is accepted to be one of the most questionable strategies in the United States.â â€Å"The issues are unpredictable, they mix solid emotions, and in the media everybody appears to have a supposition on the point (Clayton and Crosby, 1992, p. 1).â This suggests a lot of comprehension is required.  â â â The unpredictability of governmental policy regarding minorities in society as a subject is outlined by the discussion of whether the adaptation of the Civil Rights Act of 1991 required or precluded portions †George Bush’s conviction versus his advocates - , the arrangement of Clarence Thomas †a governmental policy regarding minorities in society recipient who shockingly restricted it - , and the obvious move in the Supreme Court. (S.D. Clayton and F.J. VanDeVeer, 2000, p. 4)  â â â Opponents of governmental policy regarding minorities in society are believedâ to originate from an assortment of quarters: Supreme Court Justice Thomas †an African-American who restricts it †Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, and Glenn Lowry †African-American pundits who increased national consideration talking about the strategy - , and Stephen Carter †William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Law at Yale University. Their responses to governmental policy regarding minorities in society appear to be extremely captivating. (S.D. Clayton and F.J. VanDeVeer, 2000, p. 4)  â â â â Why individuals who profit by governmental policy regarding minorities in society restrict to it merits the wonder of whoever learns of the fact.â It could maybe be deciphered that they need to be equivalent †neither better nor worse.â  The certainty that they are presently conceded more rights since they were once denied of the ones they ought to have in any case is probably going to cause them to feel inferior.â at the end of the day, their equity ought to be placed in power and they should just acquire what they appropriately merit paying little heed to their experience.  â â â â â â â â Affirmative activity turned into a significant issue in state courts in California and in Pennsylvania, where it was without a doubt asserted that its practically inescapable impact was converse segregation. Individuals who profit by Affirmative Action  â â â when all is said in done, having a place with a minority bunch is because of an inherent or acquired issue, similar to ladies, African Americans, and individuals from various origins.â On the other hand, there are a few gatherings of individuals who tenaciously joined a minority group.â For example, numerous individuals learned one religion at home and later changed over to an alternate one.â Homosexuality and bi-sexuality is begging to be proven wrong: a few scholars accept exceptional sexual directions are in the qualities, though some different ones accept they involve option.â Regardless of which scholars are correct, gay and bi-sexual individuals were survivors of separation before and later got recipients of governmental policy regarding minorities in society.  â â â â As we as a whole know, African Americans were for all intents and purposes the most noticeably terrible casualties of discrimination.â Without any privilege at all, individuals were taken from Africa and brought to America to be sold as slaves.â The dreadful servitude was annulled a couple hundred years after the fact, yet African Americans were as yet unfit

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Class Participation Rate And Improving Students Knowledge Education Essay Free Essays

string(16) go on to them. Reflection: The Task-based Teaching and Learning way has been appreciated a cluster in these days English guidance system. Not only in light of the fact that it has determined the motivations behind both guidance and understudies ‘ securing, yet next to during the system of making the finishes, it will help energize teachers ‘ moving capacities and students ‘ creativenesss, accordingly to build up the association in larning and the region of breaking down to their best. Be that as it may, there are various employments occurring in classification guidance, of which champion and compelling are the low classification commitment rate and students ‘ low productivity in geting the required discernment. We will compose a custom exposition test on Class Participation Rate And Improving Students Knowledge Education Essay or then again any comparable point just for you Request Now To occur out answers for these occupations, the author has considered various stuffs each piece great reflected from the learning experience ( case break down strategy ) , recommending that utilizing deliberate overview, or cooperation soul into classification guidance will be the most strong. Cardinal words: community review, Task-based English Teaching, commitment 1. Presentation It is non simple to improve guidance closes when a class has experienced occupations like low commitment rate, aiming that non all the students are keen on inquisitive or answering requests and take separating in exercises, only in light of the fact that the exercises are non interesting by any stretch of the imagination. What's more, the other activity is understudies ‘ low productivity in geting the required cognizance. There are numerous elements demonstration uponing the nature of a classification guidance. Claiming better structures of learning establishments, as cutting edge mixed media, is a long way from sufficient to do a class get its normal finishes. Concerning this, numerous educators and specialists have been looking to work out approaches to propel students ‘ want to cognize and eagerness to make, for outline, holding progressively out-of-homeroom exercises and puting up further developed subjects to talk and research. In any case, how to do the best of thes e is still left to explore. By examining old inquires about and making learning design in Deyang Foreign Language School, the author accepts deliberate overview, which is other than called collaboration ought to be increasingly utilized in learning and teaching. In the undermentioned bit of the proposal, the reasons for these employments referenced supra will be clarified. Following that, the build of Cooperative Study and its positive relationship with Task-based Class Teaching will be presented each piece great as how we can truly utilize it into existent guidance. The examination the essayist has done in Deyang Foreign Language School will be talked about in the last bit. 2. Audit of Literature 2.1 Theory of errand based English Class Teaching Errand based guidance is to get the hang the etymological correspondence by using semantic correspondence in the exercises rather than simply producing for phonetic correspondence achievements and discernment of the etymological correspondence larning results. In learning exercises, educators should focus on explicit correspondences and etymological correspondence endeavors, structure of explicit and down to earth endeavors. Understudies are to complete the obtaining endeavors through look, conveying, exchange, perusing and other etymological correspondence in the signifier of enquiry. Undertaking based guidance strategy is to ingest the upsides of the past framed of a grouping of learning strategies, while it does non with the exception of other learning techniques. It was first put frontward during the 1980s, accentuating on â€Å" securing by making † in the semantic correspondence learning technique and open assault is the improvement of phonetic correspondence guidance known to man. This has given learning hypothetical balance to the slow introduction of English guidance in China, remote semantic correspondence learning change in China as an inclination. The qualities of Task-put together Teaching Method incorporate concentrating with respect to finishing the endeavors on the other hand of pull stringsing a nonmeaningful etymological correspondence signifier, and taking at raising understudies ‘ reverberating and contributions by providing associations which are firmly identified with existent life and experience. 2.2 Theory of Cooperative Study Deliberate overview ( or helpful obtaining ) is an assault to shaping schoolroom exercises into scholastic and cultural procurement encounters. Understudies work in gatherings to complete endeavors together. Everybody succeeds when the gathering succeeds. There are 5 fundamental components of coordinated review. They are Positive Interdependence, Individual Accountability, Face to Face Interactions, Social Skills, and Benefits. To start with, Positive Interdependence necessitates that bunch individuals feel associated with one another in the method of convey throughing the end. Second, Individual Accountability implies that each gathering part is answerable for having the option to show misgiving and perception of the intellectual scholarly viewpoints and cultural closures. Third, Face to Face Interactions recommend that the gathering must partake by pass oning and talking the end. Fourth, Social Skills incorporate tuning in, natural structure etymological correspondence, sharing, tolerating contemplations and contrasts, and so on. These are the achievements required preceding or being created during the gathering work. Also, fifth, Benefits incorporate higher sense of self regard, accomplishment and keeping of scholastic data 2.3 Co-connections between task-based guidance and center review From a diagram, we can see the co-connection between deliberate review and undertaking based guidance: ( outline 2.1 ) Endeavors Appropriate exercises teachers Group closes Gathering exercises students At the point when all the guidance closes are alloted as gathering work, those appropriate exercises are should have been satisfied by all the understudies with coordinated soul applied into the method and with the direction of the teachers. The qualities of deliberate review fit the means taken to finish task-based guidance. 3. Foundations for occupations Before truly obtaining to cognize how Concerted Survey can be to the full applied into guidance, it is important to gain to cognize the reasons for those occupations ( low commitment rate and low productivity in larning ) referenced previously. Why non all the understudies are eager to partake, and what are the impediments for step up students ‘ effectiveness in geting cognizance? Bing non inspired by the class is the ground why they do n’t want decidedly accepting and talking, which straight impact their nature of geting comprehension. Possibly it is a direct result of the stuffs are stifling, the way the educator Teachs is stifling, or it is their ain occupations. Understudies in the middle of school are in the youthful ages, during which numerous physical and mental employments will go on to them. You read Class Participation Rate And Improving Students Knowledge Education Essay in classification Paper models Based on the guidance design done in Deyang Foreign Language, the author has discovered that there are primarily three aspects of persuasive variables rattled off as follows: on the feature of understudies, on the aspect of educators, and on the feature of school. 3.1 On the aspect of understudies Y?ee?â„ ¢i [ Chai Lujing ] ( 2006 ) , who has expounded on the most proficient method to utilizing coordinated soul into capable schools, says that, on the one manus, in the middle of school understudies are during their immature period cut, in which they are battling for mental independency. The manifestation of which is they will in general remove the connecting feelings from guardians and educators. Furthermore, along these lines they have to build different connections as changes either with the outside universe, for example, cultural relationship, or with their immature couples, similar to youth pals or classmates. Since a group of in the middle of school students are populating nearby, it is an opportunity for them to set up new associations with more individuals out of known connections and perceive their life esteem through their ain endeavors and ventures. On the different manus, every one of those exercises to be completed in classifications need the soul of readiness to bit and header with others, yet this is the thing that the students presents are absent. What other than ought to be liable for is the â€Å" one child arrangement † . Bing the solitary child and the middle at place, they have been ruined by their family units. Furthermore, their anxiety has ever constructed them pleased with themselves, loaning to the turning unsighted acknowledgment of themselves. This is the reason they are feeling the loss of the awareness and thought processes to get by with others. She has other than expressed that the â€Å" just child † wants to ambush, doing them violative and pundit, all the more sincerely, doing them revel in doing companions with individuals they do n’t wish yet to retaliate for them in this manner to ensure themselves. All these show that these childs need deliberate soul, doing them bear no anxiety, empathy and respect towards others. So it is non hard to reason that this will be deterrents for them to set to the general public and have a self-acknowledgment of one personality. In this manner, even there are exercises and endeavors set in a Task-based Class, without understudies ‘ readiness and receptiveness to offer to make, nil can be accomplished. Thus, the class commitment rate will non be each piece high true to form. 3.2 On the aspect of teachers Not all the educators are doing a lineation of a class complicatedly, for missing of clasp or thought of need. As we as a whole know â€Å" jaming guidance and obtaining † has unrealistically existed in history and impacted our guidance for decennaries. The articulation of result and classs has made educators focus more on the outcomes, whatever the strategy is. Making additionally practicing and flexing their caputs

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The War Beyond the Battlefield Through the Eyes of Robert Ross - Literature Essay Samples

Timothy Findley’s, The Wars, is an intriguing novel that outlines the physical and internal battles of individuals during World War I. This novel focuses on the troubled life, the main character, Robert Ross, leads as he tries to escape his guilt for the death of his beloved sister Rowena. Robert enlists in the army and experiences the physical, psychological, and emotional hardships of war which alter the way he views himself and the world. The title, The Wars, is a metaphor for all these struggles. Findley uses these factors to demonstrate the different forms of war and how they negatively affect a human being like Robert Ross. Through the character of Robert Ross, Findley highlights the plurality of war while reinforcing the idea that war is not only fought on the front lines. The title of the novel focuses on the physical battle that Robert and many of the soldiers face during their time at war. Throughout the novel, Robert experiences physical setbacks due to the weather conditions where he is stationed. These extremely cold and muddy conditions risk Robert’s life on many occasions. For example, Robert has his first near-death experience when he almost drowns in the dike. This event physically challenges Robert, forcing him to rely on his fellow soldier Poole in order to escape. Also, the gruesome environment of war negatively affects Robert and other soldiers since they are forced to live with the ongoing firing of weapons and the sight of thousands of dead soldiers decaying around them. â€Å"When they made their way back through the trench there was no one there alive. They had all been gassed or had frozen to death. Those who lay in the water were profiled in ice. Everything was green: their faces – and their fingers – and their buttons. And the snow† (Findley 131). Robert sees innocent men dying which destroys not only his morality, but creates a fear that paralyzes him from forming into his idea of a perfect soldier. Furthermore, the war’s atmosphere does not allow Robert to regain his strength and reconnect with his physical or emotional self. â€Å"Sleep was dangerous No matter what your mind said, your body didn’t listen. Part of you always stayed awake† (91). Robert cannot sleep in fear of an attack while his guard is down. This is one of his physical struggles since without sleep Robert’s body and mind cannot heal to prepare itself for the next day. Similarly, Robert battles with the change of his physical appearance due to the violence and emotional stress experienced during the war. â€Å"He could see himself now – pale in the aureole of the candlelight in the mirror. It was a shock. He seemed like a fugitive. His beard and the shadows round his sockets of his eyes made him look like an old, old man. He smiled. He’d thought he would stand and see himself like a god in the glass – and there he was: a scarecrow† (169). Robert sees the t ransformation of his body in response to the conditions of the war. Overall, the main character, Robert, battles with the physical stress created by the war. This struggle reinforces the significance of the title since it portrays the physical aspect of war. Throughout Robert’s life, he is faced with many obstacles that negatively affect his psychological development as a human being and soldier. These obstacles challenge Robert’s mindset since it forces him to go against his morality and kill. For example, Robert is obligated to kill a horse that has broken its leg. This responsibility psychologically affects Robert since he is forced to end the life of an animal to which he feels emotionally connected. As well, Robert also battles with his impulse decision to kill a soldier. â€Å"Robert sagged against the ground. It was even worse than that. Lying beside the German was a modified Mauser rifle of the kind used by snipers. He could have killed them all. Surely that had been his intention. But he’d relented The bird sang. One long note descending: three that wavered on the brink of sadness It sang and sang and sang, till Robert rose and walked away. The sound of it would haunt him to the day he died† (131). Ro bert kills an enemy soldier who allows him and his men to escape the crater. This choice weighs heavily on Robert’s mind since he now lives to regret this moment until the day he dies. Furthermore, Robert struggles with his sanity and the sanity of his fellow soldiers. There are instances where Robert has trouble understanding the reasons behind the orders he’s given. â€Å"He wanted to advise Captain Leather of the state Levitt was in he wanted to request another junior officer he wanted to say the forward positions were crazy he wanted to say that the guns would sink in the mud. But he didn’t say anything† (116). Robert struggles with obeying his commands because he believes the conditions of the war stripped his Captain of his sanity. This psychological battle leads Robert to his final act of rebellion, causing him too, to lose his sanity. Overall, Robert endures psychological hardships during his time at war which is represented in the significance of the title. â€Å"The title, The Wars seems to be referring not [only] to the actual physical combats that took place during the war but to the internal, psychological battles that took place in the minds of the soldiers who suffered the effects of violence and inhumanity during the war† (Quenneville). The title reinforces this idea and connects back to the meaning of The Wars. The significance of the novel’s title is illustrated through the emotional hardships Robert experiences in and out of the war. In the beginning of the novel, Robert battles with the guilt of his sister, Rowena’s, death. This guilt creates an emotional obstacle that Robert continues to face throughout his time on the battlefield. â€Å"Robert looked. There was a whole row of cages. Rowena. Robert closed his eyes† (85). In the war, whenever Robert sees caged animals, he is reminded of the pain he feels for his sister. Robert emotionally suffers for the rest of his life since he cannot forgive himself for being absent in the time of Rowena’s death. â€Å"Robert is never able to forget the fact that he broke his promise by not being there to catch her when she fell. This changed Robert’s whole perspective on life He no longer appeared to have feelings anymore but no one knew how much remorse he felt inside In a sense, a large part of Robert died that d ay along with his sister† (Berringer). Robert is unable to cope with the loss of Rowena. This fatality changes his life forever. Moreover, Robert struggles with the death of his best friend Harris. â€Å"Poole’s breathing was harsh and liquid. He’d probably caught a cold in the marshes. It reminded Robert of Harris – and that was the last thing he needed reminding of. All he wanted was a dream. Escape But he kept running into Taffler. Throwing stones. And Harris† (91). Robert cannot escape his feelings towards Harris. He battles with losing his beloved friendship since Harris is the only person that helps Robert to feel whole again. Furthermore, Robert battles with his idea of the perfect soldier when he sees the physical state of his war hero, Captain Taffler. â€Å"Poor Robert Ross. It wasn’t fair. I’d bungled it and should have been more forthright when he’d mentioned Captain Taffler first. The shock was terrible. I tried to imagine someone like Michael losing both his arms and no one telling me and me just barging in and finding him that way† (150). F or Robert, the heroic essence of Taffler is lost after Taffler loses both arms in the war. This incident emotionally scars Robert since Robert not only loses his role model but also questions what this means for his sense of self. The emotional struggle Robert faces throughout his life embodies the message of the title. â€Å"[Pluralizing wars] indicates that the novel is not only about the Great War, but also about internal battles that Robert Ross is fighting with himself as he struggles to adapt to a new way of life in the army and without his sister who he loved very much† (Quenneville). Robert’s struggle highlights the emotional aspect of war and reinforces the idea that one’s war is not only fought on the battlefield. Ultimately, it is through Robert Ross’ character in which Findley outlines the plurality of war while maintaining the belief that war is fought both physically and mentally. In the novel, Robert experiences physical hardships created by the conditions of the war. These hardships negatively affect his character by altering his physical appearance. As well, Robert battles with his psychological development. He struggles with his sanity when he is forced to kill on the battlefield. Furthermore, the emotional hardships that Robert faces force him to question his self-worth. Findley uses these physical and internal struggles as a way to describe the message of The Wars. Overall, the plurality of war in the title is expressed throughout Robert Ross’ life. With Robert, the reader understands the multiple struggles an individual faces throughout his or her life. The reader relates to the underlying message Findley portrays since the physical, psychological, and emotional hardsh ips people face are found throughout all aspects of life and not only in war.

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Literature Review On Teen Pregnancy - 1344 Words

Introduction This Literature Review gives a deep insight of some of the available literature related to teen pregnancy, neighborhood effects on poverty, and socio-economic effects of teen pregnancies. Teen pregnancy has become a significant issue in society. A large number of teen pregnancy and school dropouts have been recorded in the past and get associated with poverty. To understand teen pregnancy and its association with poverty; this literature review is going to examine some of the academic journals that have covered this topic and try how teen pregnancy is affected by poverty and vice versa. The statistics from the journals shows that pregnancy rates are maximum among teens who come from low-income families and poverty-stricken†¦show more content†¦Teen parents frequently have lower earnings, besides societal troubles during their life. The study statistics showed that pregnancy rates were maximum among teens who came from families with single-parents since they probably had expe rienced poverty. In line with the first study is a study by Williams, Forbes, McIlwaine Rosenberg (1987) which proposed that statistically, teen mothers lead a life of poverty. Since they have a low degree of education, they get few opportunities regarding jobs, unlike other non-parenting teenagers. The study offers information on the safety of nimodipine in cerebral revival. The cure was well stood, and the outcomes recommend that nimodipine help more when used. Among the patients used were 283 teen mothers. The study presents info linking to teen mothers gathered as part of a comprehensive research of the preparation of prenatal care in Glasgow. Children of teen parents probably may have more problems and become teenage parents, therefore, continue the sequence of poverty that was started by teen pregnancy (Guivarch, Hallegatte, 2012). The teen parents mostly are undereducated; consequently, they are underemployed which means that they also get underpaid. The cycle gets endless if teen pregnancy never gets curbed. Premature teen reproduction has a risk of retarded emotional growth, stress to both the infant and teen mother and possiblyShow MoreRelatedLiterature Review On Teen Pregnancy1254 Words   |  6 PagesTeenage Pregnancy Introduction Teenage pregnancy in the U.S is a major issue given the number of teens between age 15 and 19 years giving birth. The average teen pregnancy rate in America is about 57 per 1000 teens in 2010 (Knox 1). This has decreased to about 47 per 1000 teens, but at the state level, some states such as Texas have higher averages. Currently, the state of Texas recorded a rate of 73 teenage pregnancies per 1000 females aged between 15 and 19 years (Sayegh et al. 95). The main causeRead MoreResults and Conclusions Hcs 4651359 Words   |  6 PagesResults and Conclusion of Research Process HCS 465 June 3, 2012 Results and Conclusion of Research Process The purpose of this paper is to further analyze the study done on trends in teen pregnancy rates from 1996-2006, a comparison of Canada, Sweden, United States, and England. The items of discussion include data collection methods, data analysis procedures, qualitative, quantitative data, and study findings. Results: Data Collection Methods The data collection methods used in thisRead MoreIntroduction: . In The Community Of The City Of Tempe,1360 Words   |  6 Pagesfor pregnant women are limited. Pregnancy is an amazing, high demand process that the human body goes through. During pregnancy the demands on a woman’s body are increased as the body’s nutrient needs are increased. With the higher health demands it is essential that health care clinics are available to help with progression of the pregnancy. Adolescents face higher demands from a pregnancy. During adolescence the body is still growing and maturing, adding a pregnancy only makes the demands on theRead MoreAdolescent Parenthood : An Issue Of Public Concern For Many Years1267 Words   |  6 Pageseducation, poverty, and family? Researchers conduct literature reviews and original research in an effort to find a resolution to decrease adolescent pregnancy/parenthood and methods to improve the quality of life for adolescent parents. Although thes e articles share many themes and patterns, often their reason for conducting the research, methods, conclusion, and belief regarding adolescent pregnancy and parenthood differ. A literature review regarding adolescent parenthood returned a very largeRead MoreAssessment of Teen Pregnancy Prevention Interventions648 Words   |  3 PagesAssessment of Teen Pregnancy Prevention Interventions How is the literature review used in this research study? Using one (1) previous study cited by the authors, discuss how the findings of this past study is relevant to the current study. (2 pts) The literature review in this study was used to demonstrate the problem and occurrence of adolescent pregnancy and birth rates in the United States. Furthermore, the concern about this phenomenon as it pertains to Florida is addressed. A correlationRead MoreEssay on Effective Approaches to Prevent Teen Pregnancy1181 Words   |  5 Pages Effective approaches to prevent teen pregnancy After reading numerous articles and abstracts in regards to the ever so intriguing topic of teen pregnancy, I’ve come to a conclusion which is a little different than I had expected. Before reading any of the literature on teen pregnancy, I was under the assumption that the sex education classes provided in school were an extremely effective weapon against unwanted teenage pregnancies. Of the literature references that I’ve used and those of whichRead MoreEssay about Sample Research Proposal on Teenage Pregnancy1172 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Sample Research Proposal on Teenage Pregnancy    Introduction This research proposal implies on teenage pregnancy and its effect on academic progression. There will be association between teenage pregnancy and academic progression places evidence that education should put weight on reality adhering to teenage pregnancy. Understanding teenage pregnancy within UK context is adamant to the purpose of study. Thus, the expectation that teenage pregnancy will be reduced by proper academic programsRead MoreAdolescent Parenthood : An Issue Of Public Concern For Many Years1267 Words   |  6 Pageseducation, poverty, and family? Researchers conduct literature reviews and original research in an effort to find a resolution to decrease adolescent pregnancy/parenthood and methods to improve the quality of life for adolescent parents. Although these articles share many themes and patterns, often their reason for conducting the research, methods, conclusion, and belief regarding adolescent pregnancy and parenthood differ. A literature review regarding adolescent parenthood returned a very largeRead MoreHealth And Social Service Programs1235 Words   |  5 PagesBackground: Adolescent pregnancy, primarily occurring in ages 13-18 years, has a negative impact on the physical, psychological, educational, and economic area of the pregnant girls. Objective: To evaluate some health and social service programs that can reduce American adolescent Pregnancy from Ages 13- 18 and improve their quality of life. Methods: Review two research articles and to assess the overall quality of the data from the studies. Results: After the assessment of the two research articlesRead MoreTeen Pregnancy And Public Perception1498 Words   |  6 PagesThe purpose of this chapter is to provide a literature review of teen pregnancy and public perception. The chapter will begin by examining the decrease of teen pregnancy in America. It will transition to understanding the emotional effects on teen mothers and depict how a pregnant teen’s life could be altered. It will conclude by discussing how the topic of teen pregnancy has caused the President of the United States to take a closer look. This chapter will end with a summary of my research findings

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Critical Analysis of Plato and Aristotle - 1634 Words

A TERM PAPER ON POL 311 (HISTORY OF POLITICAL THOUGHT) TOPIC A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF PLATO AND ARISTOTLES POLITICAL THOUGHT WRITTEN BY OKWOR, STEPHEN USHIE 09/ED/EF/814 DEPT OF EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATIONS (POLITICAL SCIENCE UNIT) FACULTY OF EDUCATION SUBMITTED TO DR. EJERE DEPT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCE UNIVERSITY OF UYO, UYO AKWA IBOM STATE MAY, 2012 A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF PLATO AND ARISTOTLES POLITICAL THOUGHT In order to compare these great philosophers, it is important that we first of all view their history from an individual perspective. PLATO (427 – 347BC) Greek philosopher, born into an aristocratic Athenian family in the year 427BC, he was expected to take up a political†¦show more content†¦Association of master and natural slave for the purpose of mutual preservation. To him, this association is the basis from which the family is formed, families then group to form villages and villages, in turn, group to form city-states. Aristotle viewed the basic elements of government as thus: 1. Deliberative (legislature) 2. Executive offices (executive) 3. Courts of law (judiciary) He also classified government into three 1. Monarchical Government - this is a government by one person or monarch. However, it degenerates into tyranny which is a bad type of government. 2. Aristocratic Government – the rule by few elites. Its success is depended on the people that rule. It however degenerates into oligarchy which is when men of property take over government. 3. Democratic Government – this i s the government for the poor and needy and not a government for common good. This to Aristotle is the best form of government but it can degenerate into demagogue and anarchy ANALYSIS ON THEIR VIEWS OF THE STATE: Plato attempts to create the blueprint for a perfect society. This blueprint was a sketch of a society in which the problems present in society would be eased. He sought to cure the afflictions of both society and human personality. Aristotle, unlike Plato is not concerned with perfecting society. He just wants to improve on the existing one. Rather than produce a blueprint for the perfect society, he suggested that theShow MoreRelatedPlato and Aristotle: An Analysis1175 Words   |  5 Pagesof Plato and Aristotle regarding the best political association. Quotes from Politics and the Republic are used to support the author’s thesis. Plato and Aristotle: An Analysis Determining the best form of political association was important to the ancient Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle, and each of them expressed his opinion in important works such as the Republic and Politics. In explaining, comparing, and contrasting the political philosophies of Plato and Aristotle, itRead MorePlato And Aristotle s View Of Civilian Expectations987 Words   |  4 Pagessince the original sin of Adam and Eve. Utilizing textual evidence stemming from the works of Plato and Aristotle, mainly Crito and Politics, this work will focus on the Platonic and Aristotelian aspects which entice individuals to oblige and conform to the rule of law, even in situations when these laws are detrimental to themselves, or their societies. Firstly, this composition will partake in an analysis of Platonic theory regarding the roles and obligations expected of individuals within a societyRead MoreCultural, Economical, Religious, And Political Contributions847 Words   |  4 Pa gesbelieved is best explored in conversation.†(Backman 122) Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle are three of the most notable philosophers in history. Socrates made his most essential contribution to the development of western civilization through his method of inquiry. He is predominately celebrated for his contribution to the field of ethics. Plato s belief molded numerous ideas that despite everything, we still consider to be essential. Plato encouraged individuals to discover the answers to philosophicalRead MoreGreek Philosophers Bible On The Ancient World And English I2969 Words   |  12 Pages Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle s early lives affected their careers and Greek society, and their deaths and works of literature affected today s society. Socrates started out as a stone mason who eventually devoted most of his time to philosophy. Socrates works of literature reflect his world views and opinions. These opinions had a fatal consequence; he was persecuted for corrupting the youth of Athens. Socrates was Plato s teacher and instructor. Plato used his works of literatureRead MoreComparison Between Aristotle and Plato on Mimesis4881 Words   |  20 PagesiA comparison between Aristotle and Plato on mimesis 1. Introduction Mimesis, as a controversial concept starting from the 15th century, is among the oldest terms in literature and artistic theory, and is certainly among the most fundamental. Developing centuries, the concept of mimesis has been explored and reinterpreted by scholars in various academic fields. The word â€Å"Mimesis† developed from the root mimos, noun designating both a person who imitates and a specific genre of performance basedRead More Matthew Arnold versus Aristotles Poetics Essay examples3833 Words   |  16 PagesThe value of imitation: a vision of Aristotles Poetics Aristotle wrote his Poetics thousands of years before Matthew Arnolds birth. His reasons for composing it were different from Arnolds reasons for using it as an element of his own poetic criticism. We can safely say that Arnold was inclined to use the Poetics as an inspiration for his own poetry, and as a cultural weapon in the fight for artistic and social renewal. Aristotle, by contrast, was more concerned with discovering general truthsRead MoreThe Beliefs of Plato vs Aristotle Essay3789 Words   |  16 Pagessixty years old, Plato, then a youth of twenty, came to him as a pupil. When Plato was sixty years old, the seventeen-year-old Aristotle presented himself, joining the Teachers group of Friends, as the members of the Academy called themselves. Aristotle was a youth of gentle birth and breeding, his father occupying the position of physician to King Philip of Macedon. Possessed of a strong character, a penetrating intellect, apparent sincerity, but great personal ambition. Ar istotle was a studentRead MorePlato Vs Aristotle Vs Plato1814 Words   |  8 PagesPlato and Aristotle had a considerable amount of differences in ideology given that Aristotle was Plato’s student for roughly two decades. Plato, a student of Socrates, opposed the idea of average citizens to participate in politics because he believed that political practice was skill or â€Å"technÄ“ that can only be achieved by a few people. He believed that â€Å"kings must be those among them who have proved best both in philosophy and where war is concerned.† (Republic, 491) and that these â€Å"philosopherRead MoreThe Principles Of Aristotle, Bertrand Russell, And Immanuel Kant1555 Words   |  7 Pagesbeing true and false. Modern logic descends mainly from the ancient Greek tradition. All three philosophers; Aristotle, Bertrand Russell, and Immanuel Kant theorized the question of what is logic. The greatest and most influential of Platos students was Aristotle, but the works of Aristotle do reflect his teachings from Plato but unlike Plato, Aristotle was concrete and practical. Aristotle defined logic as â€Å"new and necessary reasoning†, â€Å"new† because it allows us to learn what we do not know, andRead MoreArgument Analysis Of Aristotles Happiness As An Essential Purpose Of Human Life1219 Words   |  5 PagesBrooke Thell Second Argument Analysis More than anybody else, Aristotle treasures happiness as an essential purpose of human life and a goal in itself. Aristotle was convinced that a sincerely happy life required the fulfillment of an extensive range of conditions, including physical and mental well-being. Essentially, Aristotle argues that virtue is achieved by maintaining the mean. For Aristotle the mean was a method of achieving virtue. What is the ultimate purpose of human existence? What is

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Critical Thinking is a way to Solve Strategies for Good Problems

Question: How critical thinking is a way to solve strategies for good problems. Answer: In nursing, critical thinking is a way to solve strategies for good problems. This is a complicated, disciplined, and meaningful process with special features that make it different. It involves the needs of the patient and nurse has to understand this. This thinking makes the nurses to constantly evaluate, redirect, and improve the increased efficiencies. Critical thinking includes cognitive skills and mind habits. It also understands prioritization. This term is very important bin the field of nursing because it helps them to think beyond the memorizing studies and react to the practical situation (Chan 2013). Problem solving is defined as the mental activity in which the problems of the unsteady stage are identified. The role of the nurse is to gather the clarification of the problems and accordingly give solutions to it. The nurse has to evaluate all the solutions carefully and has to choose the best one for implementation. The nurse monitors the situation all the time to make sure that he initial and the final efforts reach to the client effectively. This does not mean that the nurse throws away other solution, but she keeps them in reserve if the first solution does not work out. In actual problem solving refers to the nurse's knowledge and body language that how she can solve the situations. The approaches for problem solving include intuition, trail, and error and the research procedures (Coben and Weeks 2014). Description: I am the head nurse for 54 beds in the unit of orthopedic of a general hospital. During the peak season there is often an overflow of the patients in the unit, and sometimes the set up has to be done in the hall and auditorium. Depending on the severity of the injuries of the patients like someone has got fractures in their tibia or femur bone or some having the muscle contraction they are to be allocated, and this decision is taken by the head nurse according to the nursing policies. This is the situation where the head nurse ha to tackle the situation by adopting problem solving method as where and how to allocate the patients so that all the patients get the equal care and attention. Being the head nurse, I had to make communications with the patients as well as the staff to solve the problems faced by the patients. Feelings: Being the head nurse, I had to give the best quality of the nursing facilities and care to keep in mind the situations of both the patients and staff team. I had to check through all the problems of the patients and the staff issues. I had to give the best of medications by stocking all the medicines in advance so that the patients do not have to bear the pain due the shortage of any types of medications or equipments. Evaluation: When such a situation arose where there were a huge number of patients and less of space staffs to look after them then I had to tackle the situation wisely. I had to observe the intervention results, which were given to them, and on the same side, I had to see the staffs behavior towards the patients also. The good thing about this situation was the caring of the more and more patients and nursing them, and the bad outcome of this situation was that many patients were from different background and created a ruckus if there was delayed in some medications or treatment. Analysis: I had to push myself through all the situations to have access to the patients to understand their problem. I had to check all the treatment and the medications provided to them. I had to check the patients record and if urgency had to report to the doctor team. Conclusion: If the situation demanded then I would arrange for more bed and space for the patients so that they do not have to face problems. Action plan: If such situations arose then I would keep all the medications and treatment ready before hand whatever is required and also would increase the staff team so that each patient is given the proper care and treated with special amenities. References: Chan, Z.C., 2013. A systematic review of critical thinking in nursing education.Nurse Education Today,33(3), pp.236-240. Coben, D. and Weeks, K., 2014. Meeting the mathematical demands of the safety-critical workplace: medication dosage calculation problem-solving for nursing.Educational Studies in Mathematics,86(2), pp.253-270.